About Tuition Pandit
Tuition Pandit has its Corporate Office located at Barkatpura, Hyderabad, Telangana, India
We need to share links and other important information for the child’s growth. Hence the details are essential to ensure a smooth flow of information.
Yes we are located in multiple cities and the information can be obtained from the Contact Us page.
About The Classes
Yes, we do offer a demo class and if there is a need, we might as parents to enroll for a 2nd demo class for us to gauge the understanding level of your child and create a plan based on the same.
We have got different plans that can suit your needs. Please feel free to connect with us to know more.
Most of the classes that we conduct are 1 x 1. However, keeping in mind that there can be budget constraints, we also offer group studies.
We do conduct a periodic review and tests at the end of each lesson. We keep a track of scores to understand the progress and create the next plan of action based on this.
We use multiple technologies that are easy and convenient for children to use. We use a combination of Zoom, our own websites, Google Classroom
We ensure that we complete the portions much before the exam so, if there is a need, we can revise the lesions that may need additional attention.
Parents can check the progress of their child in 2 ways. 1st They can logon to the portal and view the progress there.
Apart from this, there will be a minimum of 1 parent teacher meeting scheduled per month.
During this meeting, the teacher will discuss the progress and action plan for your child
Generally there are 24 sessions in a month from Monday to Saturday and each session is 1 hour long. However for group studies (multiple subjects) the classes are for 2 hours per day
At present we do not have morning tuitions. However, we do have plans to start with morning sessions very soon. We shall notify you once the sessions are live.
Based on the needs and understanding of your child, we shall align a perfect teacher for you. Our teachers are hand-picked and we ensure they are able to get the best out of each child.
We have a very strict and elaborate process of onboarding any teacher. As a larger organization, Quality Geeks also offers courses in different disciplines across the globe. So, our teacher selection process is very robust. Once the teachers are onboarded, they need to under a series of training on child psychology and based on the outcome, they are put across for training. We assure you that your children are in safe and good hands.
We generally avoid hiring teachers who teach at schools due to difference in teaching methods. We hire teachers from outside who may be Graduation or Post Graduation Students in different fields. Apart from this qualified house wives and free lancers.
Teachers hired by us are generally capable of teaching more than 1 subject. However, we do not practice the same. We ensure that 1 teacher is teaching 1 subject. This way they are specialized in that field. We also ensure that teachers for different Boards (Like State, CBSE, ICSE) etc are different.
Yes, we do have teachers specializing in languages. We hire teachers who are native speakers for a better outcome. For example, to teach Telugu, we hire someone who might have had their schooling in Telugu as a medium of education.
Fee Structure
Our fee structure is very simple and is explain in detail on Payments Page. Click Here
We are actually calculating the efforts of a teacher. Here if you see, efforts to make a young child is much more than making a elderly child understand, Hence the fee structure for all the class is the same.
Yes there are a lot of promotions that we run. We shall notify you periodically for the latest promotions that we are offering.
No. We do not believe in any contract. We are confident about our quality and hence we do not engage in any contract. We offer pay as you learn.
Fee can be paid via multiple options – UPI, Net Banking, Online Payments. Payments in Cash / Check are not accepted.
All dues needs to be cleared by or before the 5th of every calendar month.
A late fee of 100/- will be applicable on all the payments made after 5th of each month. If a parent / guardian fails to pay fee by 7th of each month, the services of Tuition Pandit shall be terminated and the student’s account will be made on hold.